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Sly Cooper Omegaverse Reboot
As for the next part of my reboot projects, the Sly Cooper series. I had to return to my favorite video game franchises at one point, right?
• Sly Cooper in this universe, in the events corresponding to the first game, was motivated by revenge, and was using the guns blazing approach in Raleigh’s stronghold. After defeating Raleigh, he was tempted to kill him. However, he remembers his father’s words about the Coopers being better then the scum they stole from and put his revenge aside. After learning some of the Fiendish Five’s sadder backstories (aside from Clockwerk’s) Sly started thinking about that in the world that those that have wronged you may not be the biggest baddies in the world out there, and they may in fact be people too. Sly would then abandon fighting in revenge, and more about doing the right and honorable thing.
• Sly doesn’t fake amnesia but willingly allows Carmelita to take him aft
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Harry Potter: Pillars of Strength CH7
Later on, Harry had to gather the rest of the Quintet in a separate room to show him his newest gift, the living Cloak. “So you have a cloak that is self-aware? You think it is the same magic used to animate the paintings and some armor suits around Hogwarts? What else can it do?” Hermione asked, letting her intellectual curiosity do the talking.
“Oh, you’ll love this. Cloak, show us your trick!” Harry said. Cloak did as told and wrapped around Harry, and Harry disappeared from view.
“Whoa…it’s an invisibility cloak!” Megan noted. “Mom at times uses those for a job. But hers aren’t as pretty or effective as this one.”
“It is surprising that it is supposed to be a Potter Heirloom. Invisibility cloaks lose their potency over time, when the cloak is worn down or the spell fades.” Daphne noted. “But this one still looks lik
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Spyro the Dragon Omegaverse
This universe is my reimagining of the Spyro series. This universe is an amalgam of mostly the original Spyro and the Legend of Spyro series, with only a small few elements from Skylanders (the bare minimum) being included. These will be explained as we go on. Now, as to important events:
• Enter the Dragonfly in this universe consisted of Gnasty Gnorc teaming up with Ripto (like the original plans of the game were), though with elements from the GBA titles mixed in, including the inclusion of Rhynocs entering the evil alliance. The villains also didn't steal fireflies or dragonflies but robbed the Dragons of their primary breath weapons.
• The events of the Legend series takes place after A Hero's tail in this universe. Shadow Legacy doesn't take place in this universe, since they were reworked into the much better Legend of Spyro games.
• Ignitus is Spyro's adoptive father and one of the Dragon Elders, along with the
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Omegaverse: Toku crossovers
After many years, after Grimlord’s defeat, the VR Troopers return. They are now dealing with a monster from the Virtual World, whom has become the Warden of the Armada’s most feared prison in the universe. When Ryan Steele ends up trapped inside the prison, the Hexagon Rangers and the remaining VR Troopers go inside the so called inescapable prison to save their friend. All the while the Warden sicks illusions, alien criminals and a robot, the VR Bootleg Trooper, on them.
SUPER HERO WARS 1 (Super Hero Taisen)
Two interdimensional beings with reality warping powers called Players decide to have fun at the Power Rangers and Kamen Riders’ expense and turn them against each other, having armies of the heroes confront one another. The ones defeated are turned into living trophies for the Players to use.
Though several Riders and Rangers manage to slip through the cracks, due to the Players spreading themselve
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Omegaverse: Other Toku hero gear and arsenal
• Ryan Steele/Galvan Trooper/Cyber Trooper
• JB Reese/Mercury Trooper/Mercury Trooper V2
• Caitlin Star/Cobalt Trooper/Platinum White Trooper
• Amy Reed/Platinum Purple Trooper
• Tai Chong/Galvan Trooper II
• Alan Mercer/Mercury Trooper II
• Mari Sutton/Cobalt Trooper II
• Laser Blades
• Laser Pistols
• Barrier
• Laser Scope
• Electro Sonar
• Cyber Cycles
• Galvan Tank
• Galvan Scooper
• Virtual Dragon Base
• Mercury Drill
• Mercury Tank
• VR Troopertron
• VR Vivalion
• Cobalt Tank Arsenal
• Laser Blades
• Laser Pistols
• Twin Sickles
• VR Troopertron V2
• Mega Cybercycles
• VR Super Tank
• Drew McCormick/Blue Beetleborg/Gold Beetleborg
• Rola
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Omegaverse: Other Toku villains
• Grimlord (Don Horror + Psycho King Horror)
• Despera (Horror Girl + Dr. Polter + Priest Poe)
• Hunter (Hunter Killer)
• San Dorva
• Witch Griselda (Kiba)
• General Gyrus (Gyrer)
• Reider the Mystic
• Vixens (Miss Akuma 1 and 2 + Girl’s Army)
• Doommaster
• Ultregs (Miracler Combatmen)
• Grimlord ()/Destroy Trooper (Hakaider)
• Desponda
• Lobo (Guillotine)
• General Ivar
• Colonel Icebot
• Neo Vixens (Rikki + Shadow and Gasher + Secretary K and S)
• Knighttime
• Decimator
• Blue Boar
• Zelton
• Darkheart
• Skugs
• Vexor
• Typhus
• Noxic
• Jera
• Mania
• Shadowborg
• Scabs
• Nukus
• Les Fortunes
• Horribelle
• Vilor
• Na
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Omegaverse: Other Toku heroes
• This universe is created with an ‘animated feel’ in mind. As such fights could be drawn that aren’t possible in live-action, among things.
• Alien beings that are portrayed to look human (like Despera) get small overhauls to make them look more alien and less human, while still being humanoid.
• No 'cramming', which means no two or more monsters of the day crammed into one episode or burn through too much footage in a short time.
• Monsters that are just recolors or retools of old suits would get replaced by newer or original monsters.
• Depending on the monster in question, some monsters may be redesigned to look less human and more beastly.
• Monsters deemed inappropriate for adaptation due to violence, sexualization ect. get toned down in the adaptation.
• Characters that were previously bland or not developed enough are more properly developed or more likable
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Kamen Rider Omegaverse: Riders and Gear 4
• Riven McDowell/Drive
• Carly Maxwell/Flare
• Mik Maxwell/Mach
• Maximus Maxwell/Gold Drive
• Artagnan Lupin/Lupin
• Chase/Chaser
• Paradox Roidmude/Dark Drive
• Heart
• Shift Cars
• Drive Driver
• Shift Brace
• Shift Car Holder
• Handle Sword
• Door Blaster
• Justice Cage
• Drum Shield
• Monster
• Rumble Smasher
• Cure Quicker
• Ladder Expander
• Capture Hook
• 10-Ton Weight
• Frostreamer
• Jack Riser
• Grasper Claw
• Blade Gunner
• Tririderon
• Proto Tririderon
• Tririderon Next
• Ride Booster Set
• Flare Driver
• Shift Trikes
• Flare Buster
• Flare Sign
• Triride Cycle
• Mach Driver
• Signal Bike
• Jet Mach Shooter
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Kamen Rider Omegaverse: Riders and Gear 3
• Lloyd Howard & Philip/Fusion
• Axel Morrigan/Accel
• Samuel Marrow/Skull
• Crystal Marrow/Crystal Skull
• Kyler Dorian/Eternal
• Gaia Memories
• Fusion Driver
• Lost Driver
• Fang Memory
• Xtreme Memory
• Metal Shaft
• Trigger Magnum
• Prism Breaker
• Hardboiler
• GattleGarry
• HardMammoth
• Stag Phone
• Spider Shocker
• BatCam
• CroakingCorder
• Snailvisor
• Accel Driver
• Beetle Phone
• Gaia Memory Enhancement Adaptor
• Engine Blade
• Diablo Cycle
• Blaster A
• Lost Driver
• Stag Phone
• Skull Magnum
• SkullCycle
• SkullGarry
• Lost Diver
• Eternal Edge
• Terry Landon/Beyond
• Amos Digger/Birth
• Shawn Gar
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Kamen Rider Omegaverse: Riders and Gear 2
• Dante Ramos/Echo
• Iggy Isenhower/Storm
• Fabian Weatherby/Thunder
• Gideon Weatherby/Lightning
• Duncan Daniels/Bullet
• Jean-Claude Lasalle/Slash
• Lyra Parker/Lyre
• Samantha Anders/Forte
• Angela Hawkins/Angel
• Ray Rothwell/Rave
• Melanie Frost/Frost
• Cilan Stone/Cymbal
• Tiana Rosier/Triangle
• James Weston/West
• Disk Animals
• Transtuner
• Sound Drum Attacker
• Sound Attack Clubs
• Armed Saber
• Lightride
• Victory Fire Cycle
• Transwhistle
• Sound Wind Attacker
• Gale Trumpet
• Tornado Cycle
• Transtringer
• Sound Quake Attacker
• Ripcord Guitar
• Thundertwin Cycles
• Transtuner
• Sound Attack Buster Clubs
• Transtringer
• Demon Cla
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Kamen Rider Omegaverse: Riders and gear 1
• Dex Stewart/Masked Rider
• Molly Stewart/Masked Rider Tackle
• Kamon/Leader-1 (Ichigo)
• Raiden/Leader-2 (Nigo)
• Viktor/V3
• Xander/X
• Rayne/Amazon
• Forte/Strongman (Stronger)
• Sykes/Skyrider
• Komander/Commander (Super-1)
• Zik/ZX
• Ecto Accelerator Belts (All Riders)
• Electro Saber
• Cyclone (Combat Chopper)
• Rideron
• Ecto Ray
• Electro Saber Blue Mode
• Lucas Hawthorne/Lucan (Kuuga)
• Lucy Harper/Locera
• Kevin Gallaghan/G3/G3X
• Joey St. John/Wyvern (Agito)
• Jillian St. John/Lamia
• Rex Gilligan/Leviathan (Gills)
• Devlin Carson/Ladon (Another Agito)
• Tor Hall/Cadmus (V1)
• Gary Forn/G4
• Arcle
• Amadum Stone
• Stagrom (Gouram)
• TryChaser 2000
• BeatChaser 2000
• Migh
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Kamen RIder Omegaverse: Villain list
• Great Leader
• Count Dragon
• Cycloptor
• Doubleface
• Bork
• Fact
• Nefaria
• Maggots
• Commandoids
• Dr. Shinigami
• Dark Riders (Shocker Riders)
• Doktor G
• Apollo Geist
• King Dark
• Gorgos
• Galaxy King
• Princess Yokai
• The Ambassador (Ambassador Hell + Ambassador Darkness)
• She-Wolf (Colonel Zol)
• Ztag (N-Daguva-Zeba)
• Zose (Ra-Baruba-De)
• Zondor (Ra-Dorudo-Gu)
• Zalamander (Zu-Zajio-Re)
• Zabat (Zu-Gooma-Gu)
• Zhino (Zu-Zain-Da)
• Zantis (Me-Garinga-Ba)
• Zeetle (Go-Gadoru-Ba)
• Zafleas
• Overlord
• Baligna (El of the Water)
• Valkoon (El of the Air)
• Grouleo (El of the Earth)
• Black Ant Lords
• GuldThunder
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Kamen Rider Omegaverse part 5: Neo-Heisei
• This universe is created with an ‘animated feel’ in mind. As such fights could be drawn that aren’t possible in live-action, among things.
• Alien beings that are portrayed to look human (like Nefaria) get small overhauls to make them look more alien and less human, while still being humanoid.
• No 'cramming', which means no two or more monsters of the day crammed into one episode or burn through too much Kamen Rider footage in a short time.
• Monsters that are just recolors or retools of old suits would get replaced by newer or original monsters.
• Depending on the monster in question, some monsters may be redesigned to look less human and more beastly.
• Monsters deemed inappropriate for adaptation due to violence, sexualization ect. get toned down in the adaptation.
• Characters that were previously bland or not developed enough are more properly develope
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Spiderman Omegaverse Reboot
• The Web Warriors is the name for a group of superheroes led by Spiderman whom all have Spider-themed powers.
• Peter Parker's backstory is mostly unchanged. Bitten by a genetically enhanced spider on a school trip, becoming the Spiderman. Like the original Spiderman movie trilogy, he has organic web-shooters.
• Other characters like Jessica Drew, Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales, Anya Corazon, Mattie Franklin and Cindy Moon got their Spider-powers when the Jackal, obsessed with recreating Spiderman's powers, used them as test subjects. These five mentioned survived due to being stabilized by Curt Connors using Spiderman's DNA, but other test subjects had been horribly mutated or even died.
• Gwen Stacy remains alive in this universe. She becomes Spider-Girl (or Spider-Gwen as dubbed by her friends) and later Spider-Woman. Gwen is shown as a friend of Peter since childhood. She initially encouraged Peter to pursue relations
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DC Reboot Extra: Earth Omega Super Hero girls
Welcome to another entry in my DC Omega Multiverse. This is an entry based on a universe that starts out similar to DC Superhero girls…but over times things become less light-hearted. Just read along and you’ll see. And I hope you enjoy this.
• This version of the Justice League is founded by Batman, Superman, Green Lantern John Stewart, Hawkman and Hawkwoman (the parents of Hawkgirl), Black Canary and Green Arrow.
• Aqualad, Aquagirl, Speedy and Robin are tutored by their mentors at home hence they do not attend Super Hero High.
• The event where several supervillains attacked the academy at full force, and in which several students and faculty members strayed from the light.
• Harley was met and whispered to by the Joker, whom made her believe that the others would never take her seriously no matter how good she does. Those whispers led Harley to admire Joker as
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DC Reboot Extra: Earth Omega-Flashpoint
Welcome to another DC Earth part of my Omega Multiverse. This is my version of Flashpoint. However, there are some main differences to this Flashpoint from the regular one and these will be highlighted in this entry. So sit back and enjoy.
• This version of Flashpoint was not created by an alternative Barry Allen. In fact this version of Barry Allen is not the Flash. Barry Allen was badly burnt and crippled in the accident that would have given other Barry’s their power. Despite being wheelchair-bound, for the rest Barry was able to put his intelligence to work and became a scientist at STAR labs.
• Henry Allen did not die due to interference from an evil speedster or from in jail. He died of natural causes. Nora Allen is still alive to support Barry though.
• This version of Barry has fallen in love and married with Patty Spivot.
• Bart Allen is still the descendant of Barry Allen, only Bart would be
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Finally got the second badges (or finished the first island) in all my current pokemon runs. Time to show the progress to those whom still care.


Morrigan the Crocanaw (female)
Marigold the Flaaffy (female)
Chip the Togetic (male)

Cinderfall the Monferno (female)
Brisen the Staravia (female)
Taka the Luxio (male)

Musashi the Dewott (male)
Yuriko the Drilbur (female)

Anubis the Lucario (male)
Lyric the Servine (male)

Blaise the Braixen (female)
Hardshell the Wartortle (male)
Katana the Honedge (female)
Persephone the Roselia (female)
Echidna the Tyrunt (feamle)

Artemis the Torchic (female)
Athena the Kirlia (female)

Montalone the Alolan Grimer (male)
Zandar the Magnemite 
Burley the Makuhita (male)
Yukio the Cottonee (female)

Aria the Popplio (female)
Thorunn the Grubbin (female)
Luka the Hawlucha (male)
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After my final attempt on the DC universe, and burning out, I thought it would be best to take a page out of the book of my good friend Scott (also known as Mixedfan8643) and just make one huge entry for my take on the DC Universe. The entry will highlight the major differences or things that stand out about my own DC Universe.

A few rules in general:

-These display the major plot points, differences and character bio’s. If something isn’t mentioned it means I didn’t have enough room, they are not important addressing or they aren’t different.

-Some stupider plotlines like Cry for Justice, Flashpoint ect. are completely ignored alongside dumb character derailments.


• In this DC Universe, Martha Wayne was born Martha Arkham, like in Batman Earth One. Martha Arkham is the first to break the curse of the Arkhams in that she never lost her sanity, if only because her lifespan was cut short.

• Martha Wayne worked as Alfred’s partner in the MI6, until she returned to Gotham to work on charity. Alfred is considered a brother figure to Martha, more than her actual brother Jeremiah.

• Alfred’s codename with the MI6 was ‘Penny-One’, which he also uses as a codename when working with the Bat-Clan.

• Thomas Wayne was friends with Carmine Falcone in his youth, Carmine considering turning on his family legacy of mobsters, until Carmine’s father was killed in a shoot-out. Since then the two had a strained friendship.

• Joe Chill was a Talon sent by the Court of Owls to kill the Waynes. When confronted years later, Chill is tortured by his existence as an undying Talon and requested to be put out of his suffering. The turncoat Talon Mary Turner grants his wish.

• In his youth, after his parents’ death, Bruce imposed self-exile on the streets on himself, joining a gang that stole from the rich and corrupt and gave to the poor. There Bruce met Selina Kyle, the future Catwoman. Bruce left the gang as instead of playing Robin Hood he sought to ‘fix’ Gotham.

• Lady Shiva is the one whom trained Bruce during his time in the League of Assassins.

• Holly Robinson is Catgirl, the sidekick to Selina that Robin is to Batman. She even ends up taking the mantle from Selina as Catwoman to fill in for her, or when she retires.

• Selina and Bruce eventually marry. Despite some bumps in the road (mostly for Selina whom has trouble leaving the grey area from which she works) they make it work. They have two children, Terry and Helena Wayne.

• Katherine Kane is the first Batgirl of this universe, shortly after her older sister and mother are killed by KOBRA, and after Batman saved her from muggers. She hangs up the Batgirl mantle to join the military, from which she is discharged for her sexual orientation. She rejoins the Bat-Clan and becomes Batwoman, before hanging up that mantle too after marrying Renee Montoya.  

• Barbara Gordon is an only child in this universe. She is the second Batgirl in this universe, and later becomes Oracle. After using an implant in her spine, she regains her mobility and becomes the second Batwoman.

• Dick Grayson tried his luck in Bludhaven after the split with his mentor, but couldn’t hold his own. At first setting shop in Jump City and finding the Titans, he would return to Bludhaven years later and take up the mantle of Nightwing.

• There was a falling out between Bruce and Dick Grayson similar to the one in the DCAU. The minor crook Batman roughed up in front of his family in this universe is Patrick O’Brian whom later would become known as the hero Plastic Man.

• Bruce’s estranged Uncle is Jeremiah Arkham. Jeremiah eventually falls to the curse of Arkham and turns insane. He is also this universe’s creator of the Arkham City project, combining aspects of the Arkham Games’ Quincy Sharp into him. It is the events of Arkham City that also led to Jeremiah’s death.

• Cassandra Cain was never drugged by Deathstroke in this universe. She is the second Batgirl, and later takes on the Codename Orphan.  

• Stephanie Brown is the daughter of the Riddler in this universe, born Stephanie Nashton (Nashton was the Riddler’s family name before legally changing it to Nygma) and taking on her mother’s maiden name of Brown. She briefly becomes the fourth Robin and third Batgirl. Before that she used the codename Spoiler, and retakes said codename after hanging up the Batgirl mantle.

• Tim Drake’s father lives and is not killed by Captain Boomerang. Instead of Red Robin, he takes on the mantle of Nightwing when Dick Grayson becomes the new Batman after Bruce’s retirement. Tim Drake marries Stephanie Brown in their adult years.

• Jason Todd gets resurrected by the Lazarus Pits, like in the Movie Under the Red Hood, and does not become the Arkham Knight. He, Artemis and Bizarro later form the Outlaws. Jason marries his fellow Outlaw Artemis, and they would go on to have one daughter, Scarlet.

• Tamara Fox becomes the second Question instead of Renee Montoya.

• Luke Fox still becomes Batwing, and he goes on to date and eventually marry Barbara Gordon.

• The youngest of Lucius Fox’s children, Tiffany Fox, becomes the fifth Batgirl. Whenever either she or Barbara is in the field, the other stays behind to act as the Oracle.

• Harvey Bullock ends up as Stephanie Brown/Spoiler’s stepfather.

• Michael Washington Lane is the sole incarnation of Azrael in this universe, though he is a combination of both himself and the Jean-Paul Valley version.

• Damian Wayne was originally artificially conceived from Bruce and Talia Al Ghul’s DNA, sent out to either break the relationship between Bruce and Selina, or infiltrate and compromise the Bat-Clan; What no one counted on was Bruce and Selina welcoming Damian with open arms, giving him a loving and nurturing environment in which Damian becomes a much better person.

• Duke Thomas becomes the sixth Robin following events where Riddler had held the city hostage. After his run as Robin, he becomes the Signal and starts fighting crime in Gotham during the day. Unlike the comics he is not a metahuman.

• Terry Wayne is this universe’s counterpart to Terry McGinnis, and is still the Batman Beyond. He has no familial ties to the McGinnis family but his first case as Batman Beyond is investigating the murder of Warren McGinnis at the hands of Blight. He would go on to marry his childhood sweetheart Dana Tan.

• Matt McGinnis, the son of the McGinnis family admires the Batman and becomes the new Robin Beyond. He and Matt have a sibling-like bond.

• Max Gibson is the Oracle for the Batman Beyond.

• Helena Wayne is the future Huntress, in the honor of the original after which she was named after. Helena Bertinelli had protected Catwoman fiercely from a supervillain attack the day Selina gave birth to their daughter, hence the daughter was named in her honor.  

• The original Ace the Bat-Hound was a dog Bruce saved from a dog-fighting ring. The Ace from the future of Batman Beyond is a robot dog whom can transform in a motorcycle (much like in Batman Unlimited).

• Zeta and Ro from the Zeta Project become members of the future Bat-Clan under Batman Beyond. Zeta disguises himself as the new Nightwing to hide from the NSA and Ro becomes the new Spoiler.

• Carrie Kelly is Catgirl Beyond, after briefly acting as the original Robin Beyond.

• The Joker is a former League of Assassin member called Red Hood. His true name and identity was unknown even to Ra’s. He had a fascination with Bruce when he trained at the League. He has gained a full blown obsession with the bat after becoming Joker. He sees ‘Batman’ as Bruce’s true self and doesn’t acknowledge him when not wearing the cowl.

• There are two incarnations of Harley Quinn, like in Batman: White Knight. The classic Harley, in the jester costume, whom is the Harleen Quinzel we love; a therapist seduced by the Joker. Harley eventually gets sick of the abuse and leaves him. She joins up with Poison Ivy and they become an anti-hero group, sometimes helping the Batman, sometimes committing crimes, and sometimes just screwing around.

• The second incarnation of Harley Quinn, is the more ‘biker chick’-like Harley and is called Marian Drews, a sociopathic gang member seduced by Joker. After the Joker’s permanent death she becomes Neo-Joker and molds a youth called Jerome Valeska into becoming ‘Joker Junior’. When the molding is complete, Jerome kills Marian, whom dies with a smile on her face, glad she succeeded.

• Harvey Dent is married to Rachel Dawes and has a daughter Duela (he has hoped for twins). Duela gets traumatized once her dad becomes Two-Face and the Joker kills her mom, becoming the Joker’s Daughter (and at times the Penguin’s daughter, the Riddler’s daughter ect.)

• Once Arnold Whesker, the Ventriloquist dies during a gang war, his Scarface puppet gets added to the collection of dolls of Shauna Belzer, the psychotic telekinetic metahuman whom becomes the second incarnation of the Ventriloquist.

• There are three Clayface incarnations in this universe; the evil and self-serving ex-actor Basil Karlo, and the more sympathetic Matt Hagen, the latter whom just wants a cure and regain a normal life. The Third is Ethan Bennett whom is mentally tortured and altered by the Joker. He rampages at first until he regains his sanity. Unlike Hagen he keeps his power to fight for good.

• Annie, the Claygirl from the DCAU appears in this universe, but as a part of Basil Karlo instead of Matt Hagen. Though reabsorbed by Karlo, she later on breaks free from Karlo, and becomes an ally to the Bat-Clan. She gets adopted by Ethan Bennett and his fiancée Ellen Yin, and acts as the heroic Clayface’s sidekick, Claygirl.

• Hugo Strange has a son, Eli Strange, whom unlike his father and Jeremiah Arkham is a good doctor. Despite the strained relationship between father and son due to their moral alignments, they still care for each other.

• Chase Meridian becomes the head of Arkham Asylum after both Jeremiah Arkham and Hugo Strange are declared insane.

• Carmine Falcone has two children; Mario Falcone, whom becomes the serial killer Birthday Boy, killing corrupt cops like Flass and other gangsters like Tony Zucco on their birthdays. Sophia Gigante becomes the Grandmaster of Gotham’s chapter of the Parliament of Owls.  

• The Court, and later Parliament of Owls, are founded by Dusan Al Ghul, the estranged son of Ra’s Al Ghul, whom created the Court as a way to prove himself to his father. He has taken one of the Lazarus Pits, whose composition was used in the base for creating the Talons.

• Killer Moth is a lethal and serious villain. Assassin, tech whiz and geneticist creating mutant moths. He turns into a monstrous moth called Charaxes, using mutagen and cybernetics. His life if crime is motivated by supporting his daughter Kitten Walker. Kitten later on allows herself to enter a cocoon, and emerge from it as the butterfly mutant Kitten Moth. They become enemies of both the Bat-Clan and the Teen Titans.

• Catman is a former wildlife hunter, specializing in killing and trapping big felines like lions and panthers. After Selina Kyle humiliates him, he deliberately becomes Catman as a mockery of Catwoman, planning to hunt her.

• The Children of Arkham, from the Telltale Batman series, exist in this universe. Though in this universe, Lady Arkham is Vesper Fairchild instead of Vicki Vale. Vicki remains an ally as usual in this universe. Though Vesper isn’t wronged by the Waynes, she thinks of the rich elitists as a whole as corrupt.

• Jim Gordon Jr. is the Arkham Knight. He takes on the role to make those whom felt wronged him pay: his father Jim and sister Barbara for leaving him and his mother for Gotham, and Batman and Gotham for tearing his family apart.

• After Vesper is killed in a cave-in after her final encounter by the Batman, the remnants of the Children are led by her most loyal subject, Lonnie Machin, whom takes on the name Anarky. He hates being compared to the Joker, as in his own mind ‘I don’t cause chaos to get joy out of it and I am not insane. I take Gotham back for the people and I am very sound’.  

• Red Claw is the personal arch-nemesis of Catwoman. Her true name is revealed as Cassandra Scarletina Cartland.

• The Order of St. Dumas is led by Theo Galavan, whom goes by Lord Dumas. His sister, Tabitha Galavan, goes by Knightfall, essentially Azrael’s replacement as lead enforcer.

• Ra’s Al Ghul is not the only one whom controls the Lazarus Pits. The Court of Owls have one (using it to create their Talons), the Copperhead tribe has one and Kobra has one too.

• Curaré is the leader of the last remnants of the League of Assassins existing in the future of Batman Beyond.

• Copperhead is part of a tribe of Copperheads. The female Copperhead Larissa Diaz (the one from Arkham Origins) is the liaison to crime in Gotham. Sameer Park, is the version whom acts from Bludhaven and antagonizes Nightwing. Another teenaged male member, Nathan Prince, is an enemy of the Titans.

• Kobra is responsible for the death of Katherine Kane’s mother. Her older sister Liz was perceived dead, but she was instead taken by Kobra to mold into a soldier for them. The Mad Hatter somehow took her from Kobra to mold her into his new Alice. It took a long time of therapy for Liz to return to normal and reconcile with her family.

• Killer Croc used to be part of Haley’s Circus before it was destroyed. He used to be fond of Richard as a kid. Formerly only suffering from avatism, attempts to cure it only resulted into becoming more beastly, and slowly forgetting about his past.  

• Firefly worked pyrotechnics and special effects at Haley’s circus, but was chastised for always taking it too far. Zucco encouraged his pyromanic tendencies, thus leading to Haley’s Circus burned down.  

• Jonathan Crane, prior to becoming the Scarecrow, was a teacher of Harley Quinn, whom he considered his favorite student.

• The Kabuki Twins, much like in ‘The Batman’ are the bodyguards of the Penguin. They have real names, Saeko and Saki Hibaragi. Saeko uses bladed wing-like bladed war fans and doubles as a driver. Saki is also his secretary and fights with a pair of clawed gloves.

• There are no Batman of All Nations, Simon Hurt or Club of Villains in this universe.

• Warren White got his current appearance due to damage done to him by Mr. Freeze. This is because Warren replaces Ferris Boyle as the one whom seemingly killed Nora Fries.

• Nora turned out alive, and would be cured of her condition. Victor however couldn’t return to her due to the crimes he committed as Mr. Freeze. Nora instead believed him dead and married Art Shivel. Though her heart was still with Victor, which Art didn’t like. Art created an android replica of Victor to frame him and deter Nora, only to be found out and defeated by Batman and the real Victor Freeze. Nora then joins Victor in their own new home at the Artic, while Art Shivel became the new ice-based supervillain of Gotham, Mr. Zero.

• Nightwing is not violated by the Tarantula. Though she still acts as a much more violent vigilante whom is more eager to kill then Nightwing and she openly flirts with him.

• Wrath is an anti-Batman, complete with his own sidekick, his son Scorn. Son of criminals killed by cops, he comes to the aid of Gotham’s elites. Scorn, upon growing up, grows his own identity as a supervillain, like a twisted counterpart of Nightwing, calling himself Prometheus.


• Krypton was destroyed by Brainiac, when the latter took away Argo City, which destabilized the planet.

• Brainiac’s species, the Coluans, are robotic hive-minded beings (much like in the Legion of Superheroes cartoon) Brianiac breaking away from the Hive-mind to pursue his own goals of collecting all knowledge of the universe.

• Brainiac is responsible for creating Doomsday, just as part of a small experiment with Kryptonian DNA.

• Clark’s adopted father, Jonathan Kent, dies of a heart attack after Smallville barely survives an attack from Apokalips.

• Clark Kent marries Lois Lane (of course) and they have two natural born children: Jon Kent and Mia Kent (Cir-El), while having an adopted son in Connor Kent (a clone created from both Lex Luthor and Clark Kent’s DNA).

• Lor-Zod, son of Zod and Ursa, becomes adopted by the Kents as Christopher Kent. He later joins New Krypton (Argo City unshrunk on a planet with a red sun) and becomes its protector Nightshadow (to differ it from Nightwing) with his partner Thara Ak-Var becoming Flamebird.

• Kara Zor-El starts out as Supergirl and takes the name Superwoman in her adult years. The monikker 'Superwoman' was temporarily taken on by Lois Lane, Lana Lang and later Lucy Lane after temporily gaining superpowers, but Kara takes on the name permanently after she considers herself ready. She marries Jimmy Olson and they have one daughter, Ariella Kent.  

• Prior to settling down with Kara, Jimmy dated Lucy, Lois Lane’s sister. Though eventually Lucy marries Ron Troupe.

• Sam Lane, Lois’ father started out as a general suspicious of Superman and initially worked against him, until he learned how much Clark went to save Lois’ life and reconciled with him. However, another and a lot meaner and more dishonorable general called Hardcastle would be the military officer to become a thorn in Superman’s side.

• Power Girl is a clone of Supergirl, created by Emil Hamilton after being forced to do so by Amanda Waller on behalf of ARGUS. Though Emil and the clone break free from Waller's influence, with Power Girl being accepted as part of the family. Power Girl takes on the name Karen Star Hamilton, seeing Emil, her creator, as her father. She would enter a relationship with Terra (Atlee). In her adult years she changes her name to Power Woman.

• Tanya Spears, whom gained the power of growing giant size and increase her physical prowess due to Luthor’s Infinity Inc project, becomes the second Power Girl.

• Superboy-Prime does not exist.

• Linda Danvers is not an Earth-born Angel but a metahuman created by Luthor's Infinity Inc project, as are other characters whom are 'Earth-born Angels' in the comic. She was able to keep her Supergirl-esque powers after breaking free from Luthor's control. She used the Matrix codename while working under Luthor, but became the second Supergirl after breaking away.

• Jim Harper, the Guardian, was a member of the Justice Society. He was cloned in present day multiple times by the Light; One of the clones got away and became Roy Harper Sr., the father of Roy Harper/Speedy. Another clone became an ally of Superman after being released from his brainwashing.

• Lex Luthor was abused as a child, alongside his sister. He hates Superman because he was never there when he needed the man most. He runs for president for a while, and like in All-Star Superman invents a serum to temporarily gains Superman’s power. Though because of that he sees the world in a different way and breaks down crying, and accepts his fate for capital punishment.

• Mercy Graves, like her Young Justice counterpart, has cybernetic enhancements.

• Sam Lane was initially antagonistic towards Superman, but became an ally. Though another, more evil general took his place in the form of Hardcastle.

• The incarnation of Krypto is a Hellhound from Apokalips Jon managed to tame when he was trapped there. He wears a collar holding the same tech as Clark's glasses to distort perception, so people see him as a normal dog.

• Pete Ross, whom later marries Lana Lang, becomes president of the US after Luthor is impeached, and has made things easier for the Justice League during his term.

• John Henry Irons serves as Steel, before passing on the mantle on his daughter Natasha Irons. Natasha Irons had taken on the Starlight persona while roped in the Infinity Inc project, but not the Vaporlock persona.


• Diana has her original backstory of being crafted from clay and brought to life by the power of the gods.

• Steve Trevor works for ARGUS, or at least the branch that extends in the area of New York from which Diana operates as Wonder Woman. Steve Trevor becomes the head of ARGUS as a whole after the death of Amanda Waller at the hands of Deadshot.

• Diana would marry Steve Trevor, and have one daughter, Lyta Trevor. Etta Candy is her godmother.

• Marvin Whyte and Wendy Harris are two ARGUS soldiers loyal to Steve, both whom become good friends of Wonder Woman. Marvin points out that Diana looks a lot like his own late mother, Diana Whyte. The two become a couple. They adopt a pet dog whom they name Wonderdog in Wonder Woman’s honor.  

• Marvin and Wendy, along Charlie, Sameer and Napi (from the Wonder Woman movie) form the ARGUS strike team, the Renegades.

• Diana’s invisible plane is actually a metallic liquid alien being that can shapeshift into any tech it finds. It just prefers to shapeshift into the invisible jet. Most of the time it takes on a form similar to Ship from the Ben 10 series, and acts as Diana’s pet. Diana has nicknamed the creature Argo.

• There is only one Amazon Tribe, the one of Themyscira. There are no Bana Mighdall or River Tribe.

• Grace Choi still exists, but she is displayed as an underground street fighter whom was taken in as a honorary Amazon, and powers bestowed similar to that of her adoptive Amazon sisters.

• Antiope is Diana's aunt, and combat instructor. Philippus is Captain of the Royal Guard, as well as Hippolyta's wife and Diana's stepmother as a result.

• Other major Amazons include Nubia (whom guards the entrance to Tartarus), Mala (the Amazon medic), Io (weapons mistress with a crush on Diana), the hot tempered Artemis, the messenger Drusilla, the oracle Menalippe, the astrologist Areto, married couple Kasia and Orana and the humble Pyhrra.

• Circe’s backstory is different. She is a former Amazon whom rejects the Gods. The Amazons could stay on Themyscira if they could let go of the horrors of the past, but Circe was consumed by revenge and denied. She bonded with the soul of the near-dead Goddess Hecate to keep her youth, beauty and power.

• Hercules has not violated Hippolyta in the past, though he had wronged her when being tricked by Ares.

• Due to manipulations by Ares and Circe, most the Greek Gods wage war on the world of human, fearing the metahumans may threaten their power. Some of the more sensible gods like Athena align with the Amazons and the superheroes of the world to stop them. Several Greek Gods wouldn’t stand down despite the reveal of the deception, like Zeus himself, and they were destroyed as a result. Several Amazons took the place of the slain gods, but Diana politely refused a place among the gods.

• Diana and Steve Trevor marry and have one daughter, Hippolyta ‘Lyta’ Trevor.

• Donna Troy, the first Wonder Girl and later Troia, does not have a complicated backstory. She was created as both a playmate and little sister for Diana, as well as a weapon of the gods able to kill Diana should she turn rogue. When Donna rejects her heritage as the Wonder Woman Killer, she forces out the dark aspects of herself, whom take on their own life as a separate entity, Sombra the Dark Angel.

• Donna Troy would fall in love with Roy Harper, aka Arsenal. She would go on to marry him and love Roy’s daughter Liam as her own.

• Barbara Ann Minerva is the first Cheetah, whom befriended Wonder Woman always dreamt of visiting Themyscira. However, Hippolyta heard a prophecy that Barbara would become a menace to Themyscira and forced Diana to keep her out. Out of anger for Diana’s supposed betrayal she had sold her soul to a feline deity to become the first Cheetah.

• Veronica Cale is the anti-Lex Luthor. Lex uses his own skills and mind to get far, while Veronica Cale takes all the ideas and credit for herself, including that of her secretary Priscilla Rich. Priscilla becomes the second Cheetah and kills Cale in revenge.

• Cassandra Sandsmark is the daughter of Zeus and archeologist Helena Sandsmark and the second Wonder Girl. She takes on the codename Fury in her adult years.

• Chang Tzu (aka Egg Fu) is a Chinese evil spirit in this universe.

• Doris Zeul is a former ARGUS scientist whom secretly takes some of the Amazons’ DNA in order to cure a disease she was having, but the cure instead turns her into the size-shifting supervillainess Giganta. (This incarnation at any point was stuck in a gorilla body)


• Jay Garrick is the first Flash. He gets his power form a metagene, not hard water fumes. And it is not solely Barry whom generates Speed Force. Jay and the other Flashes also generate Speed Force. Jay Garrick is also the founder of STAR Labs.

• Jay Garrick and Joan Garrick have an adopted son (only mentioned briefly in comics) whom is this world’s version of Max Mercury. Maxwell Garrick replicates his father’s power, and takes on the codename Mercury.

• Barry Allen retires and leaves Wally to become the second and permanent Flash.

• Wally West falls in love and marries Artemis Crock/Tigress, whom is the mother of Iry and Jai West in this continuity.

• A much younger version of Linda Park and a student in journalism is instead the girlfriend of Wally West II, whom often goes by his full name Wallace to not have confusion with the first Wally West.

• Eobard Thawne goes by Reverse-Flash, Hunter Zolomon goes by Zoom. Daniel West (Iris’ brother, and Wallace’s father) is named Darkspeed.

• A fight between Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne created a Speed Force Storm whom creates lightning that grants other speedsters’ powers, like Godspeed, Avery Ho, Savitar, Jesse Quick ect.

• There is no Johnny Quick, and Jesse Quick is a young archeology student whom got her powers after being struck by Speed Force lightning, and has no association with the Justice Society.

• The Turtle is a metahuman with the power to slow down the speed of those around him.

• This universe’s incarnation of the Rogues consist of Captain Cold (leader), Golden Glider, Heatwave, Doctor Alchemy, Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness), Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, the Trickster (James Jesse) the Top and Abra Kadabra. Captain Boomerang got on the Rogues’ nerves and would be kicked out. He would later be replaced by the Owen Mercer version of Captain Boomerang. These Rogues have a code of honor and don’t harm innocents, and have a sense of mutual respect for the Flash family.

• On the other hand, there are the New Rogues, founded by Blacksmith. Unlike the Old Rogues, they have no sense of honor and stoop to all kinds of lows. Aside from Blacksmith, this group is composed of Girder, Trickster (Axel Walker), Murmur, Tarpit, Double Down and Magenta. Magenta is the only one whom had a conscience and turned away from the New Rogues and her life of crime.

• Golden Glider is a metahuman with the power to project a golden aura around herself. This allows her to fly and create several ribbon-like tendrils which can wrp around enemies or cut through solid objects. She also marries the first Mirror Master, Sam Scudder.

• Barry’s lost brother, Malcolm Thawne aka Cobalt Blue becomes more sympathetic and redeems himself at one point.

• The first Trickster, James Jesse, is just lost and confused like his DCAU counterpart, while the Axel Walker version is more psychotic and dangerous, almost like a second Joker.

• Kamandi is a zookeeper whom stumbled upon a plot by Gorilla Grodd. Grodd used the meteor that made the gorillas of Gorilla City intelligent on the animals to turn them into a personal army. However the animals, having been taken good care of by the zoo personal, don’t want to join in his madness. The Flash defeats Grodd, the zoo animals are then brought to Gorilla City to live their new intelligent lives. Kamandi, seeing the animals he took care of as his family, joins them there.

• One of the intelligent animals, a chimp, stays in the human world though, and together with Grodd’s son Simon (who unlike his dad is a nice guy) and his human partner Angel form a detective agency. The chimp takes on the moniker of…Detective Chimp.


• Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern of Earth, found a mystical green oil lamp, forged from a green meteor centuries ago. It reconfigures its form into that of a more modern lantern and grants Alan Scott a ring when it sensed his desire to protect the world.

• Alan Scott’s children, Jade and Obsidian were not put up for adoption but raised by Alan. Hence they keep their father’s name, as Jennifer-Lynn Scott and Todd Scott.

• Kyle Rayner was chosen as a Green Lantern not to battle a Parallax possessed Hal-Jordan, but to save Hal Jordan, whom was captured by Sinistro. Though Parallax has possessed Hal at one point, he hadn’t turned him into the mass murderer from the comics.

• Kyle doesn’t have a girlfriend that existed just to be killed and stuffed into a fridge by Major Force. Major Force had almost beaten Jade to death though, and Alan Scott gave up the power of his Green Lantern to heal her, but as a side effect gave Jade her powers.

• Kyle Rayner becomes the leader of the White Lantern Corps later on.

• Carrol Ferris became possessed by her Star Sapphire ring, until she got a hold of herself and overthrew the corrupt head of the Star Sapphire corps, and work as an ally alongside Hal Jordan.

• Guy Gardner has no alien heritage, but for the rest remains the same hot-tempered but good hearted Lantern we know.

• Kyle Rayner keeps his White Lantern Ring and becomes the head of the White Lantern Corps.

• Razer and Aya from Green Lantern: The Animated Series exist in this universe. Razer rejects his Red Lantern Ring and becomes a Blue Lantern later on.

• Soranik, Sinestro’s daughter is the one whom takes over the Sinestro Corps and tries to remold it into a force for good. She is on good terms with Kyle Rayner, and unlike in the comics, the truce they create is long-standing.


• Arthur Curry, aka Orin is born to Queen Atlanna of Atlantis and Tom Curry, a simple fisherman. Tom Curry was left to raise Arthur, but he died when his boat was capsized during a storm.

• Aquaman marries Mera, whom hails from Xebel. They have two kids, Arthur Jr. and Marina (whom would be the third Aquagirl after Tula and Lorena Marquez).

• Ocean Master, aka Orm is the full-Atlantean half-brother of Aquaman, and leader of the Purist movement. The Purists are prejudiced against those whom are non-Atlantean, and the people of Dyss due to their non-human appearance.

• Atlantis is part of seven underwater Kingdoms, the others being Xebel (Mera’s home), Dyss (the inhabitants having animal-like traits), Tritonis (where merpeople of myth live), Shayeris (Garth’s home), Poseidonis and the Trench (the lost, corrupted kingdom). The eventually are united under Aquaman’s benevolent rule.

• Black Manta’s backstory does not include autism. He has a hatred for Aquaman for failing to save him from his prison as a slave on a ship.

• Garth uses his Tempest persona from the start, while Kaldur’ahm is the first Aqualad.

• Aquagirl Tula dies sealing Tiamat, like in the Young Justice game.

• King Shark, before the unison of the seven Kingdoms, was the ruler of Dyss, where the people are shunned by the Purists of Atlantis. He is on the other side of the spectrum, attacking Atlantis to punish them for the pain the Purists cause. He also has the hammerhead shark look from the new 52.

• Lagoon Boy hails from Dyss, and dies battling the Sons of Trigon.


• J’onn’s tribe, the Green Martians died due to a mental plague created by J’onn’s psychotic brother Ma’alefa’ak.

• J’onn sealed the warmongering White Martians away, until a thousand years later they were accidentally released by astronauts. The White Martian invasion is how the Justice League was founded.

• Only a handful of Green Martians are alive. Some are criminals from J’onn’s rogue gallery like Ma’alefa’ak himself. Others included some allies like Baski’it/‘Mr. Biscuits’ (separate entity from J’onn here) and Green Beetle.

• Ma’alefa’ak is leader of a tribe of rogue Green martians whom worship Darkseid.

• J’onn becomes a father figure for Beast Boy. Beast Boy may not gain his powers through blood transfusion but looks up to J’onn as a fellow green shapeshifter. He also considers the adoptive niece of J’onn, M’gann M’orzz as a big sister.

• J’onn would go on to lead several teams. He would lead a team in his new home city of Middletown consisting of himself, Gypsy, Vibe, Scorch and Citizen Steel. Later on, after doing away with a maddened Mento, would become the new leader of the Doom Patrol.

• Despero is more of a personal enemy for J’onn, as the fellow psychic humiliated him. He only became a big threat for the Justice League once he gains the Flame of the Pytar. J’onn would hold a big hatred for him once Despero kills his protegee Gypsy.


• Archeologist Carter Hall and his wife, museum curator Kendra Saunders are the first Hawkman and Hawkwoman, reincarnations of Prince Khufu and his wife Chay-Era. They are part of the Justice Society and they fight a fair share of mystical villains. Their wings are magical constructs. Their son, Hector Hall, would become the second Doctor Fate.

• Shayera Thal, the modern day Hawkwoman, is a police officer from planet Thanegar, part of the Justice League and fights alien villains and criminals.

• Aside from the hawk motive and use of Nth metal, the first and second generations of Hawkman and Hawkwoman have little in common.

• Khufu’s enemy, Hath-Set would reincarnate over the years as many times as Hawkman, not dying permanently until the two are able to settle things forever.

• Shayera Hall’s arch-nemesis is Byth Rock, a shapeshifting Tameranean whom killed her former partner Hro Talak.

• She gets assigned a new partner (in the professional sense), a rookie officer from Thanagar called Zauriel, whom becomes the modern incarnation of Hawkman.

• Shayera would fall in love with Green Lantern John Stewart, the two would have one son, Rex, whom would become the hero Warhawk in the future.

• Gentleman Ghost’s backstory is closer to the one in Batman: The Brave and the Bold in that he gains immortality by selling his soul to the demon Asteroth, though Hawkman’s past incarnation is involved instead of Batman.
DC Universe New Reboot: Earth Omega part 1
Well, I said I was busy overhauling my DC Reboot. I took a page out of :iconmixedfan8643:'s book and made it a more simple essay. Though it has to be broken up in parts.

I had to really hold myself back from making things too long, only hightlighting the important parts and important changes from the main universe. 

I think I'll let the rest speak for itself. There are major differences from my previous reboot attempt as you can see, though some remain the same.

I hope to get part two done soon, so stay tuned. 

EDIT: Made some corrections, added a bit about Killer Croc to the Batman section.

EDIT 2: Updated the bits about the various incarnations of Supergirl and Power girl. And added an idea for Krypto I forgot the first time. Added Firefly in the Batman section and Philippus in the Wonder Woman one.

EDIT 3: Added my own reworked version of Kamandi in this universe, in the Flash section, alongside with Detective Chimp. 

EDIT 4: Updated with a bit in the Flash entry about the lineup of the Rogues and the New Rogues

EDIT 5: Updated Kendra Saunders, kept Ethan Bennett as a Clayface, made Kyle a White Lantern, and updated Copperhead's bit in the batman section.

EDIT 6: Instaed of a seperate entry for Batman I just made some modification to that section and to the others. A lot of changes include Katherine Kane as the first Batgirl, Barbara's recovery, new plotpoints for Bruce and Selena's youth, changes in the leadership of the Court of Owls and more. 

Additions were also made in the other sections, like adding details concerning Tanya Spears, Steel, Wendy and Marvin, Soranik, Zauriel and more. Just a lot, a lot of extra details.

EDIT 7: I accidentally had deleted the Arkham Knight bit from my reboot but added it in again. I kept Jim gordon Jr. as the Arkham Knight, though I go into his motivations this time. He is not an outright sociopath this time, I gave reasoning to his madness.
The next few days I am updating my reboots. Not changing it, but adding stuff I forgot before, or remove some spelling errors and improve grammar or wording. I have done it already for DC and Spyro. 

Like I said, just a few additions and corrections. I no longer have anxiety or the urge to throw it all away. 
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This universe is my reimagining of the Spyro series. This universe is an amalgam of mostly the original Spyro and the Legend of Spyro series, with only a small few elements from Skylanders (the bare minimum) being included. These will be explained as we go on. Now, as to important events:

• Enter the Dragonfly in this universe consisted of Gnasty Gnorc teaming up with Ripto (like the original plans of the game were), though with elements from the GBA titles mixed in, including the inclusion of Rhynocs entering the evil alliance. The villains also didn't steal fireflies or dragonflies but robbed the Dragons of their primary breath weapons.

• The events of the Legend series takes place after A Hero's tail in this universe. Shadow Legacy doesn't take place in this universe, since they were reworked into the much better Legend of Spyro games.


• Ignitus is Spyro's adoptive father and one of the Dragon Elders, along with the other elemental dragons Terrador, Volteer and Cyril, and there is an elemental dragon for the water as well and only female, Moana. Ignitus took on the task of raising the one egg that seemingly had no parents watching over it.

• Purple dragons are more common like the original series. Instead, the legendary type of dragon is not one of purple scales but can be any color. The only way of identifying the Legendary Dragon is that the Dragon can use all types of elemental breaths instead of one, and that is not seen until the dragon actually performs it.

• Spyro first learns he is the Legendary Dragon during this worlds 'Enter the Dragonfly' events. When Ripto had stripped all Dragons of their primary breath power, Spyro unlocked other breaths. Spyro had once used ice breaths at the Frozen Altars in the Forgotten Realms, but Spyro believed it was a gift from the fairies.

• Ember and Flame are Spyro's childhood friends, and more recurring characters in the series. They don't get involved into much fighting until the events of 'A Hero's Tail'. Ember has a crush on Spyro, which Spyro ignores, though she eventually falls for Flame instead.

• Flame is bigger and buffer in this universe to not only make him look more different from Spyro, but also to make him the muscle of the team. Ember is the lightest and most agile, as well as the best flyer. Spyro is the most well-rounded. When Cynder joins, she shows herself the member with the most aptitude for magic.

• Though Spyro is the Legendary Dragon, Cynder retains the ability to also use multiple breath weapons due to the Dark Master's lingering power. She has Poison, Shadow, Fear and Wind, but gains a fifth breath in this universe, Necro, which channels the energy of the Undead.

• Spyro and Sparx have a familiar bond, so they can tap in each other's power. It allows Sparx to breathe fire himself, and in exchange Spyro gets Dragonfly magic which increases his durability and ability to take hits. Sparx speaks fluently and without buzzing, but holds the personality of the original Sparx. Despite Ignitus being Spyro's foster dad, Sparx' parents Flash and Nina also act as surrogate parents for Spyro.

• Avalar was quite divided prior to Ripto arriving, allowing him the easy takeover. After Spyro, joined by Elora, Hunter, the Professor and Zoe rallied the people of Avalar against the mad dictator, it was properly united again. A new leader was elected. They wanted to ask Spyro, but the dragon wanted some rest, and suggested Elora, whom became Avalar's first President.

• Hunter and Zoe initially went on an extended vacation in the Dragon Realms but ended up moving there, Hunter because of Bianca (whom studies magic under the Dragon Elders after breaking away from the sorceress) and Zoe because she wanted to study the Dragon Realms' native fairies' magic.

• After Ignitus becomes the new Chronicler, Spyro is given Ignitus' position as the Fire Elder, being the youngest to ever to achieve that. With the newfound maturity he gained in the events prior (facing Malefor and all) he does a good job at it. He marries Cynder shortly after that adventure as well.

• Blink is the Professor's grand-nephew instead of nephew. Agent 9 is more of an adopted son for the Professor then a science experiment.

• After the Sorceress' defeat, a High Council is formed as the new ruling body of the Forgotten Realms with representatives from all realms. Sheila, Bentley, Sgt. Byrd and Agent 9 were offered spots, but they politely refused, saying they can lead armies, but actual ruling is not for them.


• Gnasty is the only (natural) Gnorc in existence, the rare hybrid of a gnome and an orc. It's his status as a hybrid that made him an outcast and fueled his violent tendencies.

• Since Gnasty is the only natural Gnorc in existence, the creatures seen at Dragon Shores are instead Orcs.

• Gnasty's father is Marco the Balloonist, whom is a gnome. He had abandoned his orc wife and their son as he feared the fallout of their relationship, something he always regretted, as he felt that if he hadn't ran off like a coward, he could have raised Gnasty as a nicer person.

• Toasty is not a sheep in a scarecrow costume, but an evil spirit summoned by Gnasty whom has taken possession of a Scarecrow.

• Doctor Shemp was the first artificial Gnorc created by fusing more than one dragon gem in a vessel.

• Blowhard and the evil wizards are not creations of Gnasty, but a small tribe of wizards whom had aligned with him and shared some of the darker magic with Gnasty. After Blowhard was dealt with, the wizards still aligned to the Light punished the surviving traitors by turning them into sheep.

• Metalhead was the first of Gnasty’s experiments to turn normal Gnorc soldiers into more powerful robot soldier. The original project stopped at him, but the process would be recreated by Red, whom forced a kidnapped professor to finish and perfect it.

• Most of Gnasty's army in the Dream Weaver realm are dreams corrupted into nightmares by Gnasty's magic. Jacques in particular is created from Spyro's nightmares, coming from a childhood trauma where Spyro, as hatchling was scared by a jack-in-the box.

• Gnasty survived his first defeat by Spyro, but was badly burnt and spent years in hiding and recovering from his wounds. He returns later to make an alliance with Ripto (during the events of this World’s Enter the Dragonfly), and then Red afterwards (during A Hero’s Tail).


• Ripto came to Avalar with only a small fraction of his Riptoc army before the portal was closed down. Those Riptocs mostly operate from Glimmer. For the rest Ripto relied on hiring criminals and troublemakers native to Avalar (like the Gear Grinders and Water Workers) or by turning the Avalarians against each other (like the Landblubbers and Breeze Builders).

• The Landblubbers and Breezebuilders were having a fued long before Ripto came along, and it became worse as the little dino wizard arrived. Only the love between Private Romeo, son of the Landblubbers' leader Colonel Blub and Julliet, the daughter of Breezebuilder leader Squawk was able to eventually have the two races stop their generations-long war.

• Ripto, Crush and Gulp were initially killed by Spyro in Avalar, but Gnasty Gnorc and Rhynoc remnants brought them back to life during this universe's events of 'Enter the Dragonfly'.

• Ripto survives the events of Enter the Dragonfly, but the magic keeping him and his minions alive fades over time, and he is forced to turn to Doctor Neo Cortex from another dimension, whom uses cybernetics to keep them alive. However, the combined efforts of Spyro and Crash Bandicoot marks the end once again for Ripto's army.

• Due to using elements from the GBA games, Spyro’s allies from Avalar (Sheila, Sgt. Byrd, Bentley and Agent 9) as well as Sparx appear and have roles in fighting the Gnorc/Riptoc/Rhynoc army.

• Much more ‘bosses’ appear during the events of Enter the Dragonfly. Spyro fights Crush and Gulp again instead of having them blasted by Ripto and not being seen again.


• The Sorceress her real name is Griselda.

• The Dragons at fireworks factory were two Chinese Dragon statues brought to life by the Sorceress' magic, and hence not real dragons.

• The Sorceress' death by falling into the pink magical acid didn't leave any remains of her behind, unlike Ripto whom was buried in lava, hence couldn't be revived during the events of Enter the Dragonfly.

• The remnants of the Rhynocs aligning with Gnasty and Ripto are led by a Rhynoc Sorcerer Grendor, and he is also the brother of the Sleepyhead wizard. He wants revenge on Spyro for both the Sorceress' and Sleepyhead's demise.

• Grendor doesn’t assume the two headed monster form he normally is known for until he fights Spyro directly, and does it willingly.

• When joining forces with Ripto and Gnasty Gnorc, Grendor creates the Rhinopede.


• Red is still the treacherous Elder. The Dark Gems he uses are normal gems whom were corrupted by Malefor's influence. Red didn't know that and thought of them as just a powerful power source and has unintentionally, by using the power of the gems, sped up the return of Malefor.

• Red would escape the Professor's lab after Malefor's return and recruited into his army. He confronts Spyro and Cynder, protecting the weak spots of the Destroyer, defeated and knocked off. He ended up then crushed to death under the massive foot of the Destroyer, whom just completes his programming and pays no heed to Red.

• Red's Mammoth initially got the drop on Spyro, but after being saved by Hunter and Sparx, engages the beast in a rematch and kills it.

• The Sunken Ruins are remnants of Ineptune's kingdom, whom she had let stagnate under her incompetent rule. She joined Red to see if she could eventually build another kingdom for her to rule.


• Malefor's servant, Ape King Gaul is the one to kill Spyro's parents and most of their brood, with only Spyro's egg remaining.

• Malefor ends up completely vaporized by Spyro and Cynder's convexity prowess instead of merely being sealed away.

• Cynder has corrupted the Stone Sentinel, originally a guardian, to become Malefor’s puppet.

• The Assassin is given a name, Cobar.

• The Conductor's real name is given as Aldo.

• The Ice King is an ancient leader of a clan of Barbarians who was brought to life through Cynder’s necromancy while she was under Malefor’s influence. After his first defeat, his remains are combined with cybernetics to create the Electric King.

• The Executioner, the warrior from Skabb’s arena, is a descendant of the Ice King. He is not undead unlike his ancestor.

• Arborick attacked Spyro not because he was hostile but smelled Cynder on him, and considered Spyro a dark creature as a result.

• There are five elemental spirits confronted by Spyro during the Chronicler’s trial, with an additional created for water. Instead of copies of the Executioner or Ice King, they have unique forms; the Electric Spirit resembles a Raiju, the Fire Spirit a flaming skeletal horse, The Earth Spirit a giant serpent, the Ice Spirit an icy arachnid and the Water Spirit a kappa.


• Titan is a yeti whom terrorized Colossus prior to Spyro confronting him (and he accidentally knocking himself out). He returns to plague Bentley in Frozen Altars but ends up defeated in a boxing match. He finally returns during Red's attack, having gathered several other Yeti's to attack the Ice Kingdom, but they were driven of by Spyro and Hunter.

• Shrapnel the Ox is the leader of a tribe of rogue, cybernetically enhanced farm animals from Metropolis, and employed by Ripto. After his defeat at Spyro's hands and Ripto's death, he moves to the Forgotten worlds where he and his Sheep Saucers mostly antagonize Hunter at the Speedways, with Hunter defeating him a second time. He reappears once again during Enter the Dragonfly to terrorize a farm, but Spyro was able to easily drive him off again.

• Ghouligan is the leader of a pack of ghosts, whom have possessed the Idols at Idol Springs and Colossus until they were chased off by Spyro. He and his remaining ghosts return in the Forgotten World causing Mayhem at Cloud Spires but Spyro defeats them once again.

• Cassim, the King of Thieves, and his band of said thieves have always antagonized the dragons. Whether under Gnasty, Ripto, the Sorceress, or Red, they have always gone around stealing eggs and other valuables, only to always be caught by Spyro. the only time they behaved was when they were attacked by Riptoc Sorcerer's during Enter the Dragonfly and set a temporary truce with Spyro to get rid of them.

• Captain Skabb and his Skavengers are a fearsome clan of sky pirates. Skabb is fully intelligent and able to speak in this universe, though Scratch and Sniff are still his advisors. After Skabb is tossed of his ship after his defeat at Spyro's hands, Sparx kills Scratch and Sniff.

• The Doom Raiders are a collection of villains formed from remnants of other evil forces Spyro and his friends have defeated, becoming the biggest enemy force after Malefor's demise. They consist of the Golden Queen, Vathek, Mesmeralda, Baron Von Shellshock, Wolfgang, the Master Chef and Bombo the Flagkeeper (the last two Spyro confronted and defeated in Avalar before).
Spyro the Dragon Omegaverse
My Spyro Reboot, everyone! 

Mixing up the original and Legend series.

From the Skylanders franchise just a few of the only character I like, and tossed them in with the Doom Raiders. 


Updated, added a few details, mostly concerning some bosses and expanding the bits about Enter the Dragonfly mostly, as well as Malefor's army.


• The Web Warriors is the name for a group of superheroes led by Spiderman whom all have Spider-themed powers.

• Peter Parker's backstory is mostly unchanged. Bitten by a genetically enhanced spider on a school trip, becoming the Spiderman. Like the original Spiderman movie trilogy, he has organic web-shooters.

• Other characters like Jessica Drew, Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales, Anya Corazon, Mattie Franklin and Cindy Moon got their Spider-powers when the Jackal, obsessed with recreating Spiderman's powers, used them as test subjects. These five mentioned survived due to being stabilized by Curt Connors using Spiderman's DNA, but other test subjects had been horribly mutated or even died.

• Gwen Stacy remains alive in this universe. She becomes Spider-Girl (or Spider-Gwen as dubbed by her friends) and later Spider-Woman. Gwen is shown as a friend of Peter since childhood. She initially encouraged Peter to pursue relationships with other girls like Liz Allen, Marie-Jane Watson and more. Until Peter and Gwen realize they actually love each other. The two eventually get together and get married in their adult lives.

• Another character, Carlie Cooper, ends up being the one killed by the Green Goblin. She was one of the characters whom dated Peter before he and Gwen realized their feelings for one another.

• Jessica Drew is the first to use the name Spiderwoman. She used to be Peter's favorite babysitter when Peter was a little kid and Jessica was still a teenager. She has precognitive abilities surpassing that of the other Spider Members.

• Anya Corazon's abilities are not mystical in this continuity. She uses her Arana alias. She takes a spider tattoo still because she thinks it’s cool. Anya's unique ability is to spawn an exoskeleton for extra durability and protection.

• Miles Morales goes by Kid Arachnid until Peter Parker retires, and becomes the second Spiderman. His unique ability are a small stunning ability he calls Venom Shock. He enters a romantic relationship with Cindy Moon, aka Silk, another of the Spider-Clan.

• Cindy Moon used to be in Peter's class during the school trip where Peter was bitten by the genetically enhanced spider. Shortly after the rise of Spiderman, she has been captured by Jackal and kept prisoner for a year. After becoming Silk and repaying the debt to Spiderman, she would go look for her family, whom had moved out of New York after her disappearance. After finding them she rejoins the Web-Warriors. She has greater control over her webbing then the other members of the team.

• Mattie Franklin was a huge Spiderman fan whom had her dreams come true that her hero didn't only save her life, but she was gifted with spider-powers herself. Her unique power includes four retractable spider legs coming from her back. Despite sometimes acting more fangirl then Spidergirl her heart is in the right place. To differ herself form Gwen's Spidergirl alias she calls herself Drider.  

• When Jackal found recreating the powers of the Spiderman wasn't sufficient, he instead turned to cloning, resulting in the creation of Ben Reily, aka Scarlet Spider and Kaine.

• Ben Reilly was adopted in the Parker family as a brother. As the Scarlet Spider he assists Peter, but at times when Peter is unavailable he takes on the Spiderman mantle. But after Miles becomes Spiderman he remains with his Scarlet Spider persona.

• Marie Jane Watson dated Peter for a while, until she realized Peter truly loved Gwen and encouraged the two to come clean with each other. She instead ends up with Ben Reilly and remains good friends with Peter and Gwen.

• Marie Jane Watson would grow tired of having to worry for her friends' safety. She would 'borrow' the Iron Spider suit that Tony Stark left in Peter's care to fight alongside them. She would become the main and more or less permanent user of the Steel Spider Suit.

• Peter and Gwen's daughter, Sarah Parker, would end up the next generation Spidergirl and later Spiderwoman. Ben and MJ's daughter, May Reily would become the Ghost Spider.

• Kaine was initially a more powerful, but a more out of control and morally twisted clone of Peter. He initially had an ends justified the means personality. Over the course of time he mellowed down, and his mutation was stabilized. After that, he goes by Kaine Parker, and takes on the hero name Tarantula, trying to make amends for his 'savage period'.


• While the spider themed heroes' group is called the Web Warriors, the group of heroes consisting of Firestar, Hero-Goblin, Sandman, Black Cat, Anti-Venom, Mania and Gila call themselves the Defenders.

• This universe's Liz Allen is a mutant with pyrokinetic abilities, and sister to the equally pyrokinetic supervillain, the Molten Man. Under the alias of Firestar she would join the Web-Warriors. Prior to finding out about her powers and Peter's identity as Spiderman, she dated him briefly. She remains good friends with him though. She instead falls in love and marries Harry Osborn.

• When it was believed his father was gone, Harry Osborn, Peter's friend, finds his Goblin Gear and the Globulin Green formula to become the new Green Goblin. However, after finding out his father is not only alive, but is also more ruthless and heartless then he thought, he turns his life around. He becomes a heroic version of the Goblin, the Hero-Goblin and becomes an ally of our heroes.

• Flint Marko is the Sandman's real name in this universe. He also keeps his sympathetic background like in the movies, with having to care for his daughter and not being really malicious. He eventually reforms trying to be a hero and a good father.

• Another one of the Lizard's experiments. Gila, was not a transformed human but a transformed lizard.  Unlike the other lizard soldiers she didn't share the Lizard's ideas for domination and befriended the Web-Warriors. She later is able to use a serum to shift into a human form called Gilda Zard, while assuming her true form when it is time for heroics.

(Note that she is based on the 90’s Spiderman tv series’ character of the same name)

• Black Cat is a cat thief whom flirts with Spiderman. She has no bad luck powers, but has the other enhanced physical attributes. Her motivations consist solely for getting enough money to bail her father, Tom Hardy, out of jail. Eventually more of an anti-hero, she eventually reforms and becomes part of the Defenders.

• Flash Thompson was initially a bully and a jock, but stops picking on Peter after his Uncle was killed. He initially bonds with one of the Symbiote's 'spawns' becoming Agent Venom. Afterwards, his symbiote becomes affected by Mr. Negative’s powers, and becomes the Anti-Venom.

• Andrea 'Andi' Benton, Flash Thompson's neighbor, bonds with a part of Flash's symbiote (before he becomes the Anti-Venom) and becomes Mania as a result. In this incarnation, her symbiote doesn't take on mystical properties whatsoever.


• Uncle Ben worked as a security guard as a museum, where the Burglar hid out after making away with the money from the wrestling ring. He shot Uncle Ben in panic upon being caught there.

• May and Ben, while not young, don't look old enough to be Peter's grandparents unlike in most other media.

• George Stacy was largely aware of Spiderman being Peter Parker, but kept the secret since he knew Peter was protecting loved ones with his secret identity. He dies being crushed by rubble under a building brought down by Doctor Octopus, with his final act pushing a little boy out of harm's way.

• George's partner Jeanne Dewulf would at first lead a manhunt on Spiderman until she saw Spiderman risk his life to save her despite everything. She becomes commissioner after George Stacy's death and would be instead partnered with Stanley Carter. Stanley doesn't become Sin-Eater though.

• J. Jonah Jameson is still Peter's boss and head of the Daily Bugle. He has a hatred for masked vigilantes, feeling like he can't trust those whom hide something. However, he starts to slowly soften up to Spiderman after he saved his son John's life and cured him of his Man-Wolf transformation.

• To Peter's initial dismay, Jameson dated his Aunt. Though Jameson showed genuine affection and devotion to May, and showed a fondness for Peter despite giving him a hard time at work sometimes. Seeing as he and May genuinely love each other, Peter feels he should come clean with Jameson about him being Spiderman. Jonah finally realizes the need for secrecy about his identity, with May's life on the line. Since then he would be portraying Spiderman in a more positive light in the media.

• In his adult years, Peter works at Horizon Labs, led by Max Modell. After the lab was destroyed by the Sinister Six, Peter and Max find a new company together, Parker industries.

• Debra Whitman worked for Oscorp, until she left to work for Parker Industries.

• Other notable workers at the Daily Bugle include Robert Robertson, Betty Brant, her husband Ned Leeds and Ben Urich. The latter leaves to join the New York Gazette and acts as an ally and informer of Daredevil.

• Other students at Peter’s school include Sally Avril, Liz’ best friend, Glory Grant (who’d go on to work for the Daily Bugle), Flash’s fellow jocks Kenny ‘Kong’ McFarlane and Randy Robertson and Sha-Shan Nguyen, Flash’s future love interest.

• Leo Zelinsky is a tailor whom in secret designs, repairs and provides costumes for superheroes. He is the first confidante of Peter Parker early in his career and acts as an advisor.

• Bernadette Houseman is the Osborns' personal butler, bodyguard and driver. She also has acted to raise Harry where Norman was too busy (or uncaring to do so). She didn't find out about Norman Osborn being the Green Goblin until shortly before his presumed 'demise'. She had tried to keep the truth from Harry, whom she loved as a son and didn't want to go down the same path as Norman. That failed as he became a Goblin too, but she helped Spiderman stop him and get him back to his senses.

• Bernadette was briefly turned into the Grey Goblin by Norman Osborn upon his return and him being outed as the Iron Patriot, until the Web Warriors cured her of the condition.

• Madame Webb is a woman whom was chosen by the Web of Fate as an Oracle. Having powerful psychic abilities beyond time and space, she always calls upon the Web-Warriors whenever a threat of cosmic or multiversal scale is upon them.  


• Norman Osborn has been an uncaring and ruthless businessman since his wife passed away. Using the Globulin Green formula he becomes the Green Goblin. Later on he steals Tony Stark's Iron Man tech to mask as a superhero called the Iron Patriot, but was found out. Later on, using an improved Goblin formula and tech he becomes the Goblin King.

• Roderick Kingsley buys Oscorp after Norman Osborn vanishes, and uses its resources, including the Goblin formula and tech, to become the Hobgoblin.

• Green Goblin and Hobgoblin would become bitter rivals, and would cause a war of the Goblins with New York caught in between.

• Jason Macendale Jr., a young man rejected from entering the police force, becomes the Demogoblin. His transformation is not magical, he instead gains his name from the fact he is an expert at demolitions. He was provided his gear by the Hobgoblin.

• This universe's version of the Prowler is Miles Morales' criminal uncle Aaron Davis.

• Silver Sable's real name is Sylvia Sablinova, a bounty hunter whom is not really villainous, but hunts down everything and everyone for the right price. Though having hunted Spiderman for the reward on his head, she had made alliances with him if there is a mutual benefit.

• Eddie Brock becomes Venom after bonding with the Symbiote after events similar to those in the Spectacular Spiderman cartoon. This incarnation does not become Anti-Venom.

• One of the Symbiote's spawns bonds with the convicted serial killer Cletus Kassidy, whom becomes the maniacal Carnage.

• At one point, the Carnage symbiote had bonded with Doctor Octopus, and later on it had bonded with Norman Osborn to briefly turn him into the Red Goblin.

• Frances Barrison/Shriek is Cletus' girlfriend, in this universe she is a mutant, and it is what gives her a sonic scream. She is the only one whom can (but not often) keeps him in line due to her powers’ effect on Symbiotes.

• Donna Diego, a crooked female cop also bonded with one of the Symbiote spawns, becoming Scream. She is often confused with Shriek to her intense dismay.

• Dmitri Smerdyakov aka the Chameleon, is an albino mercenary with nanotech embedded in his skin to physically shapeshift into a person he scanned prior. Combined with his acting skills and study of their behavior, he can perfectly imitate everyone. He can only imitiate humans or those close to shape and size to humans.

• Otto Octavius is a shy and meek science teacher at Peter's school whom had passed up a chance to work at Oscorp due to confidence issues. Peter, liking Octavius as a teacher, encouraged him to go through when he was offered another chance. However, the initial project he did with Oscorp went awry and it is what turned him into Dr. Octopus. In his new persona he still shows a fondness and appreciation of his former favorite student Peter Parker.

• Dr. Octopus once again is responsible for forming the first incarnation of the Sinister Six, which initially consisted of himself, Vulture, Elektro, Kraven, Mysterio and Sandman. Later on he led many more incarnations, which would expand into the Sinister Seven, or even the Sinister Twelve. When he gathered all the inmates at the Raft under his command, he dubbed this army of criminals the Sinister Squadron.

• Max Dillon was an underpaid and underappreciated technical worker at Oscorp whom always seemed to get the cruddy jobs. During one of those jobs he comes in contact with a strange chemical and then gets electrocuted, turning him into Electro. Now he plans on making sure he is not overlooked and gets the respect he deserves.

• The three biggest crime bosses are Wilson Fisk/the Kingpin, his son Richard Fisk/the Rose and Silvio Manfredi/Silvermane. Hammerhead acts as Wilson's second in command, with Tombstone doing the same for Richard. However, eventually Tombstone has enough of being a henchman and kills Richard Fisk, takes over his territory and calls himself the Big Man.

• Morris Bench is a shady guy whom was supposed to illegally dump chemicals in the water by his employers, but Spiderman caught him. Accidentally knocked into the same chemically polluted water, he became Hydro-Man.

• Kraven the Hunter is not related to the Chameleon in this universe. Kraven is married to voodoo priestess Calypso, and he has two children with her, Ana and Vlad Kravinov.

• The Lizard starts off as  rampaging and feral monster but becomes more intelligent over time and seeks to rid himself of Curt Connors altogether, as well as having his army of reptiles become the dominant species on Earth.

• Basilisk in this universe, is another experiment by the Lizard to create more of his kind, and is a mutated basilisk lizard.

• Vincent Stanford would later use Curt Connors' research to turn himself into the stegosaurus mutant, Stegron.

• The Jackal is a mad scientist with a twisted ideal of evolving humankind forcefully through genetic experimentations. He tries to recreate Spiderman's mutation through different means, first by violent experiments on humans, later on by trying to clone Peter Parker. Finally, he seeks out different types of mutations to seek out 'the evolution of mankind'. He became more prominent with mutations for mammal DNA, turning himself into an actual mutant Jackal (and not a stupid hairy goblin-lookalike) and is responsible for creating Grizzly, Puma (Kraven's son Vlad in this incarnation), Vermin and Morbius the Living Vampire. Prior to his mutation, he also wore a jackal mask to hide his identity.

• Grizzly was the wrestler Spiderman initially beat in the ring prior to his rise to a superhero. He didn't mind becoming Grizzly, to have the rematch with Spidy of a lifetime.

• Michael Morbius is an exchange student at Peter's school and the local Goth kid whom got involved into Jackal's schemes by accident. Being a science prodigy himself he was lured in with a false promise of gaining a job at a lab.

• Vermin was originally a rat, whom after the mods done by Jackal becomes a gigantic monster.

• Carrion was a clone of Jackal, whom had a zombie-esque look as he was falling apart due to genetic instability. His touch is acidic and it ferally attacked anyone it saw and hurting them before the eventual genetic breakdown became too much and he literally melted in a puddle.

• This universe's incarnation of the Vulture is the elderly Adrian Toomes, whom needs the Vulture Armor as a life support, as he seeks means to stay young and fit. Supporting him are his caretaker and son-in-law, Raneiro Drago and his daughter Valerie Drago (née Toomes), whom is the one whom built and performs maintenance on the Vulture suit.

• Herman Schultz was a low level thug whom managed to steal some sonic gloves to aid in comitting crimes. Profit is his sole motivation. However, he got careless and clumsy during one of his raids and was crushed to death under some debris. Later the sonic gloves would be recovered by Jackson Brice, aka Montana of the Enforcers, whom becomes the Second Shocker.

• The other Enforcers later receive an upgrade just like Montana. Fancy Danielle becomes the super-villainess Ricochet while Ox becomes…Ox? He retains his name but now has a suit that enhanced his physical strength.

• The Tinkerer is the creator of the Spider-Slayers in this universe.

• Big Wheel is a model of Spiderslayer robot instead of a giant wheel piloted by a human.

• The Burglar, the one to kill Spiderman's Uncle Ben becomes this universe's incarnation as the human Spiderslayer.

• Anthony Davis, aka Ringer and his wife Leila Davis are a supervillain couple. Anthony Davis incorporates elements of himself and Spot, being armed with ring like devices that can have a variety of effects, like cutting, exploding or create portals (which the Spot elements come in, think of it as Finitevus' warp rings). Leila Davis is this world's incarnation of the Beetle.

• Carlton Drake, an enemy of both Spiderman and Venom tried to recreate their powers using research from Jackal. At first he became a Doppelganger of Spiderman. He tried to obtain a piece of symbiote, which refused to bond with him to his dismay. However, the imperfect research of Jackal took his toll and he eventually mutated further into the monstrous Man-Spider.

• Living Brain is a computer program created by Peter Parker and Max Modell as they had founded Parker Industries. The AI turns rogue after the Green Goblin infects it with a computer virus. Think of him as Spiderman’s personal Brainiac.

• Scorpion was part of an experiment funded personally by J. Jonah Jameson to create a hero better then Spiderman. However, it turned Scorpion insane and hence instead created a powerful supervillain by accident.

• Styx and Stone are two bounty hunters. Jade Eishorn is a martial artist and combatant with an expertise in polearms. Gerald Stone is a mutant whom can turn his skin into a rock-like substance.

• Michael Tan is a disgruntled employee of Max Modell whom was mad that Max chose to go into business with Peter Parker instead of him. An accident causes his physical body to be destroyed and instead his consciousness takes possession of a series of nanobots that Peter and Max had developed, becoming Swarm.

• White Rabbit is a former rich girl whom was bored with her life of privilege and turned to a life of crime. She was inspired by the works of Lewis Carrol to become the White Rabbit. Alongside her friends Screwball (a super-villainess whom posts her exploits on social media) and the super-strong girl Panda-Mania, they form a villain group called the Menagerie.

• Swiss Miss, aka Ariadne Contalone was a former musical star whom got badly burned when an accident with the spotlights caused a fire. She was given a special armor with retractable blades all over, to hide her burnt features by the Tinkerer and she now acts as his personal bodyguard and errand girl.

• Morlun is a mystical, malevolent deity that gets his powers from consuming mystical animal totems. Though Spider-Man is created as a byproduct of science, due to him becoming something of a symbol he counts as a sort of Totem, on which Morlun could feed to further his powers.

• Martin Li is a mild-mannered and kind philanthropist, whom has an alternate personality called Mr. Negative. Mr. Negative has the power to turn anyone in a photonegative of itself, like turning a good person evil or a bad person decent. Mr. Negative is the Hyde to Mr. Jekyll and Martin doesn’t realize the crimes he commits as crime boss Mr. Negative.


Spiderman and his friends come across a series of alternate universes whenever Madame Webb drags them into the next big threat across time and space, and all with an alternate Spiderman.

• Miguel O’Hara comes from an alternate future in which everything is ran and owned by a corrupt business called Alchemax. He was forced to splice his DNA to counter the effects of a drug that was forcefully injected into him, but the process was sabotaged and he got spliced with Spider DNA. Just like he is the future Spiderman, there are future incarnations of Spiderman enemies like Scorpion, Hobgoblin, Doctor Octopus and more.

• In the Noirverse, an alternate Peter Parker is active during the 1920’s. He is an investigate reporter whom got his powers from a mystic spider totem. He fights criminals like the malformed crime boss Goblin, and the freakshow cannibal Vulture (whom is the one whom killed his Uncle Ben in this universe).

• Spider-Ham comes from an alternate universe full of anthropomorphic animals, and Peter’s counterpart, Peter Porker, is a pig. He is aided by the likes of Mary Crane Watson and Gwen Storky, gets antagonized by J. Jonah Jackal and fights the like of Dr. Octopussy and Green Gobbler.

• In a world called the Mangaverse, Peter Parker is the ninja, and the last surviving student of the teachings of the Spider-Clan. He has no powers, but relies on his ninja training and gear to emulate the powers. Mary-Jane Watson, his girlfriend becomes the native version of Spiderwoman. Several enemies gain more of a base in Japanese mythology, just like the Symbiote being a Youkai with the ability to possess its victims.

• Petra Parker is the Spiderwoman, Peter’s counterpart from a genderbent universe.

• A version of Peter Parker exists in the Amalgamverse, where he is merged with the Batman, into the Spider-Bat. He is assisted by the likes of Auntie Pennyworth (Aunt May+ Alfred Pennyworth), Miles Grayson/Nightrachnid (Miles Morales + Dick Grayson) and Gwen Gordon/Spider-Batgirl (Gwen Stacy + Barbara Gordon). His enemies include the Grin Goblin (Green Goblin + the Joker), the Kingpenguin (Kingpin + Penguin), Mysteriddler (Mysterio + Riddler) and Doctor Octofreeze (Dr. Octopus + Mr. Freeze).

• The Spider-Knight is an alternate version of Spiderman from a medieval era where he is the disgraced prince of the Kingdom of Arachne. Having acquired the Armor of Champions, using alchemy to create some webs and assisted by his noble steed Spider-Horse, he goes on to overthrow the Goblin Army, take back his kingdom and save the fair Lady Gwendolyn.

• A version of Spiderman whom has bonded with the Carnage Symbiote and has become a violent, insane monster, and is the instigators of one of the multiversal crisi.
Spiderman Omegaverse Reboot
A heavily updated version of the Spiderman part of the Marvel Universe that I have been doing.

However, I found that after Spiderman, whom I have a almost as much knowledge about as the DC heroes...the rest of the marvel universe I am terribly unknowledgeable about, and while I recognize some famous ones, there is litlte I know about thier extended cast and history.

So for now, I have retooled the Spiderman part of the reboot as its standalone reboot. FOR THE MOMENT.

The rest of the ideas are not lost. I will put the rest of the ideas I had in a stash. I am going to need to do some more research and perhaps rewatch some old cartoons before I can rewrite the rest of the marvel universe with the same polish that I can muster for DC or Spiderman. 

So it may be drastic, but technically nothing is lost yet. Enjoy this bit as its own thing and a standalone Spiderman reboot, until I am able to rework the rest of the marvel reboot and reintegrate this one back into it someday. 

So several spider themed heroes and several heroes connected or closely associated with spidy (hence the Defenders here) are the main focus here. And I just included Deadpool because he is too awesome to not include. 


NOrman's entry was somehow lost in the retooling but I added it, plus a mention of the Goblin wars.


I added Swiss Miss (from Spiderman Turn off the Dark), Shriek (adjusting Scream's bio in the process). A few minor updates in terms of spelling errors and such)

The biggest update is replacing Antoinette with Steel Spider to remove all ties with Iron Man and make it easier to have it stand out. It of course will change once the rest of my marvel reboot comes along again.


I had given Mattie Franklin a new codename, Drider, after the centaurish spider creature. Seems fitting.

NOw, with the Iron man part of the reboot being uploaded in a few moments, I could once again add the parts about the Iron Spider suit in once again. 


I have now retooled the Reboot slightly. Getting some grammar errors out of the way. The bit about the Heroes for Hire is removed and added to the stash, where with the rest of the Marvel ideas that go unrealized it remains there.

I added something else instead, another bit of alternate Spidermen that the Omegaverse Spiderman would meet upon the next multiverse mishap. 

I also added Morlun to the villain list. 
Finally got the second badges (or finished the first island) in all my current pokemon runs. Time to show the progress to those whom still care.


Morrigan the Crocanaw (female)
Marigold the Flaaffy (female)
Chip the Togetic (male)

Cinderfall the Monferno (female)
Brisen the Staravia (female)
Taka the Luxio (male)

Musashi the Dewott (male)
Yuriko the Drilbur (female)

Anubis the Lucario (male)
Lyric the Servine (male)

Blaise the Braixen (female)
Hardshell the Wartortle (male)
Katana the Honedge (female)
Persephone the Roselia (female)
Echidna the Tyrunt (feamle)

Artemis the Torchic (female)
Athena the Kirlia (female)

Montalone the Alolan Grimer (male)
Zandar the Magnemite 
Burley the Makuhita (male)
Yukio the Cottonee (female)

Aria the Popplio (female)
Thorunn the Grubbin (female)
Luka the Hawlucha (male)
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Joeri De Waegemaeker

Taking a break between comic book heroes reboot, I feel like another essay about video game heroes. What should I do next? 

17 deviants said Sly cooper essay
8 deviants said Crash Bandicoot essay
8 deviants said Mario/Donkey Kong/Banjo Kazooie/Conker essay


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bkno Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I think that Alfred Pennyworth should have become The Gray Ghost in Omega Earth-2.

Unless you are shelving him for a new DC multiversal extra.
Scurvypiratehog Featured By Owner May 17, 2018
Hey Buddy. hows it going?
KivaTheDCWizard Featured By Owner May 18, 2018
I had a rough day yesterday...and then have to go to work in a few moment...the weekend cannot come fast enough.
Scurvypiratehog Featured By Owner May 18, 2018
Oh dear. Sorry to hear that. :(
Scurvypiratehog Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018
Hey Buddy! Question. Why would it be too expensive to have a hundred mario clones in a paper mario game?
KivaTheDCWizard Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018
I dunno?
Scurvypiratehog Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018
Because if they did that, nintendo would have to PAY PER MARIO!!!!!  (Ba-dum-dish)
KivaTheDCWizard Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018
That was Toad-ally cringeworthy. You Koopa'd come up with something better then that. 
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Ver2k0 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018
Hi there, Kiva. How you've been last week?
KivaTheDCWizard Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018
can't complain
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